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Emergency Response
Our call center receives a continuously increasing number of blood requests from across the country and we need to have the proper infrastructure to support efficiently. The equation is simple: more calls done; more blood donors found to fulfill these demands. In order to maintain an uninterrupted service at our call center, we need to secure a minimum of USD 2,000 monthly for this program to cover phone bills, system licenses, internet connectivity and electricity back-up plans.
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Proactive Response
Conducting blood drives with partnering blood banks to increase their stock is a service DSC is happy to offer (free of charge). When the stock level is high, families of patients are not required to replace the blood unit provided by the hospital. However, carrying out a blood drive requires a variety of medical and logistics equipment ranging from vitals testing kits, donors kits and electrical installations. On average, a monthly cost of USD 2,000 is required to keep our buses running and proactively filling blood banks around the country!
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Being a volunteer-based organization, young and enthusiastic members who choose to devote their time to help others, are the cornerstone of our operations. With a yearly average of 300 active volunteers distributed across 15 districts, time and effort are dedicated to offer them an enriching experience that helps them grow on all levels. In addition to their vital role in the call center and blood drives, various activities are organized throughout the year to build their skills, expand their knowledge and exchange experiences. Managing this division requires a monthly sum of USD 1,000 to cover the volunteers' platform needs, required equipment, and transportation.
Your Chance To Contribute

Thank you for trusting our work and helping us pursue our mission! We will make sure to allocate the money where it is most needed to keep growing our operations and supporting a greater number of people. Donations allow us to forecast and plan responses and resources, trainings, and activities further into the future.

A monthly newsletter will be delivered to you including stories from the ground, updates on our current operations, upcoming events, and more. We hope it makes you proud to see the work you fuel.

*We accept cash donations at our offices. If you wish to donate in cash, get in touch.
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