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Why Host A Blood Drive

One organization can save hundreds of lives by hosting a blood drive. Whether you are a private or public entity, this rewarding experience will bring the team together around a good cause and help maintain a safe and stable blood supply to the partnering blood bank in the drive.

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What You Need To Know

Blood drives can be held either in one of our mobile buses or in the facility of the hosting organization in a suitable location that is wide enough to accommodate for separate zones for donor privacy. Based on experience, the organization should have no less than 20 potential donors to be able to hold a blood drive.

We will bring everything we need to your location, set-up the drive and ensure the day goes smoothly! Our trained staff and hospital technicians will accompany the donors in the process to ensure a smooth and memorable experience, with proper refreshments and giveaways to thank them for their priceless gift.


Thanks to hundreds of individuals and organizations with a high sense of social responsibility, we were able to continuously replenish blood banks across the country. However, continuous efforts from all stakeholders are essential to replicate this model and multiply impact.

Your Turn Now!

If you are ready to bring people in your organization together around a cause that saves hundreds of thousands of lives yearly, get in touch with us today to book your blood drive with us!

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