The Way We Help

Building a community that regularly, willingly, compassionately donates blood to those in need takes a lot of work on a lot of different fronts. And we’re on it. 

Emergency Response

A major part of our work is ensuring that those urgently in need of blood have a reliable source to turn to. DSC's Call Center receives urgent requests for blood/platelets from patients in need or from their relatives. Upon receiving a demand, our telephone operators search for matching donors registered in DSC’s database of super-humans. We keep requesters updated on the process and our progress, all while respecting the privacy of both donor and requester. On a daily basis, we receive an average of 100 demands through the DSC Call Center and are presently able to fulfill about 40% of those demands. 

But 40% just isn’t good enough for us, and that’s where our other work comes in. Like we said: there’s a lot of work to be done, and we’re on it.

Proactive Strategy to Increase Blood Supplies in Lebanon

DSC knows that only responding to emergency requests is not enough. And so we aim to proactively increase blood supplies in Lebanon to reduce those urgent demands. DSC has partnered with 38 blood banks (e.g., private and public hospitals, the Lebanese Red Cross) to organize mobile blood donation campaigns across the country. These campaigns are designed to collect blood to raise the supplies of blood banks by making the donation process mobile, simple, and accessible, as well as promote and increase awareness about blood donation within communities.  

Volunteering Program

Central to our work is building a culture of selflessness. As such, volunteers are the beating heart of DSC. We have purposely built astrong volunteering program that empowers youth with opportunities to organize, teach, and lead, all in the service of saving lives. 
But we thought we could do even better than that. So, since 2016, DSC adopted a decentralized system of "DSC Clubs" spread across Lebanon that engage altruistic people in working within and with their very own communities, with the people they know and love. To date, 40 DSC Clubs are operational, covering all areas, all corners of the country. Volunteers in these clubs organize with local universities, companies, schools, and other community centers to raise awareness and provide accurate information about blood donation and organize blood drives. 
These volunteers make our work possible. So we’re calling them heroes. Because what else would you call people who go about helping to save lives without expecting anything in return?


There’s a lot of good people out there who just don’t know about the dire need for blood supplies in the country. 
Each year, DSC organizes national and tactical campaigns to correct major misconceptions about blood donation and recruit blood donors. In parallel, DSC is one of the leading NGOs in Lebanon on social media platforms. Other "offline" awareness activities are conducted at schools and public events to recruit volunteers and blood donors.


We’re doing a lot. But we can’t do it alone. And we don’t intend to. DSC is partnered with entities in the public and private sectors and collaborates with NGOs that are active on the ground. We actively continue to seek new partnerships every day, because realizing a nationwide blood transfusion system in Lebanon supplied entirely by volunteer non-remunerated blood donations will take the deliberate collaboration and cooperation of all.