The Way We Help


Emergency Response

DSC's Call Center receives urgent blood/platelets demands, requested by patients needing blood or their relatives. DSC's telephone operators would then make necessary calls to search for matching donors, and then inform the requester about the progress, all while respecting the privacy of both donor and requester. On a daily basis, an average of 100 demands are received, and around 40% are fulfilled by DSC's Call Center

Proactive Strategy

As part of DSC's strategy to reduce blood shortages and to decrease urgent demands, the organization partners 38 blood banks (private and public hospitals, the Lebanese Red Cross, etc) to organize mobile blood donation campaigns around the country. The aim is to provide more exposure and awareness about blood donation within communities, organize blood campaigns, and collect blood to raise the supplies of blood banks in terms of blood and blood products.

Volunteering Program

Raising the culture of "giving without counting" (DSC's literal translation) has been at the heart of DSC. Since 2016, the NGO adopted a decentralized system of "DSC Clubs" that would engage altruistic people inside their communities, and consequently spread proper knowledge about blood donation at universities, companies, schools, and other communities. To date, 40 DSC Clubs are operational, covering areas from all corners of the country.


National and tactical campaigns are conducted every year to correct major misconceptions about blood donation and to recruit blood donors. In parallel, DSC is one of the leading NGOs in Lebanon on social media platform. Other "offline" awareness activities are conducted at schools and public events to recruit volunteers and blood donors.


The organization believes that in order to achieve its vision of a blood transfusion system in Lebanon that is totally supplied by volunteer non-remunerated blood donations, every entity needs to be involved. Thus, DSC has been establishing partnerships with the private and public sectors to help increase its operations, as well as collaborations with other NGOs that are active on the ground.